Claire Quirk

MA/Soc. Sci,Dip. Coach (Accred)

Claire Quirk is an Accredited Life Coach from Scotland who operates her private coaching practice and Ayahuasca retreats in Colombia where she is based.

In addition to her existing formal qualifications, Claire is also studying for a Diploma in Spiritual Psychology and is experienced in the world of personal development, having studied the field for over ten years.

Like all great life coaches Claire has a vast life experience.

She spent close to fifteen years suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, chronic anxiety, depression, and various other mental health issues before transforming her own life.  It was during this process that Claire developed her talent and strength as a Life Coach- she walks the walk!

Instrumental in this change was her decision to hire her first life coach.

Working with her coach she experienced first hand the life changing impact that coaching makes and was subsequently inspired to undergo the training to become a life coach herself.

Prior to becoming a coach Claire spent many years working at corporate management level.  Her roles included operational management, staff management, leadership, coaching, mentoring, and training and development.

...That was until she left it all behind after receiving a calling to drink Ayahuasca!

Claire now facilitates life changing Ayahuasca retreats alongside a phenomenally powerful Master Shaman from the indigenous Inga community of Putumayo, Amazonas.

These unique retreats combine Taita's power and the beautiful healing of Ayahuasca with Claire's transformational coaching skills, enabling participants to experience a profound life shifts.

Claire prides herself on the level of care provided before and after retreat which is of the utmost importance if clients are to gain the most out of the experience.  This level of support ensures that participants are extremely well prepared before the retreat and are guided and supported afterwards in integrating what they've learned into their day to day lives.

To find out more about individual coaching, workshops or Ayahuasca retreats with Claire get in touch using the link above.