"Extremely dedicated and loving. She guided my partner and me through and ayahuasca retreat, and literally worked round the clock to support us and others, before and during. Haven't come across this level of support in my experience with other retreats and guides."

- Sebastiaan

"I love the fact that Claire has brought this closer to Europe, it gives so many people the chance to become the best version of themselves."

- Charlene

"Aya always finds you when you are ready and She found me via Claire. Claire was real support before, during and after the ceremony- I am very thankful and can't wait for me my next ceremony. We had a private ceremony (just 4persons), she translated everything and made us feel safe and supported. Highly reccommended"

- Evita

"Claire advised as soon as I booked the 4 night Ceremony in Malaga that the journey had now started. From that moment on I was able to speak to Claire regularly about what I hoped to take from the experience as well as any worries or doubts I had. Claire is a very open, thoughtful and compassionate person.

Furthermore she has the experience required to be able to put these amazing retreats together. She has a wealth of knowledge on Ayuahuasca as well as spiritual healing and opens up about her own experiences. This was my first Ayuahuasca experience and it was amazing. It will not be my last and this is all down to Claire. Thank you so much Claire."

- Stephen

"Claire is an absolutely invaluable resource for those curious about Ayahuasca. My first experience - a 3 day retreat in the jungle with Claire - was profound, comfortable, enriching, and transformative. So happy I made the decision to go on a retreat with Claire and I highly recommend her retreats and coaching!"

- Peter

"I love Claire’s easy and friendly approach. She was really helpful in getting you grounded before the ceremonies and to really understand the work behind Ayahuasca. The Skype call before the retreat was particular helpful to talk about what I wanted to get out of the experience. Really good follow up literature to keep your mind working post retreat."

- Hamilton

"Oh my God would I what!!!! It was the most beautiful spiritual experience I’ve EVER had!!!! It’s a game changer.. I was a bit lost, lost my faith in anything, just zapped by life and my journey.. I’ve returned from this experience with a new zest for life, in tune with nature which sadly in our technology driven world seems to be left behind when in reality we need that connection far more than ever!!! Get back to nature, back to peace & calm.. That’s how I feel..

Claire is just amazing too, she really cares about you and you feel that, this is a labor of love for her on every level and although I may have been nervous I always felt safe and cared for. She’s like the warm hug of family holding your hand through this unbelievable experience. I’m so grateful to her!!! Thank you Claire.. And thanks to Alex and Julian also, the sweetest souls that ever walked the earth!!! Their vibe immediately puts you at rest, they’re kind and just beautiful souls, both of them and I thank Alex for insisting Julian come on this trip as it was magical to have two such amazing Shaman healing and guiding and protecting us!!!!! Thank you guys..

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this to anyone looking for their right path or who maybe feel like they’ve stumbled down a wrong path and can’t find their way back to their true selves.. This is the one!!!! Get on it.. I cannot wait for my next ayahuasca retreat.. I’m hoping Columbia next but who knows.. Thank you so so much.. Sending gratitude and love to everyone who made this experience what it was.. and that’s to the group of nutters who joined me on this retreat.. I love all of you guys, you’re all really special and I feel blessed I got to do it with all of you."

- Liz

"I had the pleasure and absolute good fortune to be introduced to this lady Claire Quirk a number of months ago. Not only has she studied and lectured in philosophy, psychology & sociology she is also an accredited Life Coach & Ayahuasca Coach.

She has taken me under her wing, guided me & helped me to not only change my outlook on life but has also made me look deep inside myself to help me find the real me. She also last week, guided and facilitated me through my first ever (but most definitely not last) Ayahuasca Retreat in Malaga, which was absolutely MIND BLOWING. This woman is one of the world's gentlest souls..... she's a protector. The kindness, care and loving she projects, has no limit. Hand on my heart she has helped me turn my life around. She has made me even more excited for the future and helped me leave the past where it belongs, in the past. I would highly advise anyone who needs a life coach to get in touch with Claire.

I would also highly advise EVERYONE, to experience, at the very least once in their lives, the Ayahuasca medicine. Its a game-changer. The clarity, guidance and direction that Mother Ayahuasca gives is unfathomable. Claire facilitates many retreats in Malaga throughout the year, so if anyone has any questions or reckons that they would like to partake in a retreat or would like to find out any further information, you should feel free to contact Claire."

- Emma

"Claire goes above and beyond to make sure you have the most enjoyable ayahuasca experience possible. Not only does she create a safe space for the actual ceremony, her follow up care and guidance after it is fantastic. She is really passionate about what she does. This is not just Claire’s job it’s her lifestyle to help people who need this medicine.

After my ayahuasca ceremony I feel like a new woman. It showed me everything I needed to see and more . My body feels so clean like I’ve been on a 3 month detox and the mental clarity I have is more than I ever expected. Big thanks to Claire and her team of shamans for making my first ayahuasca experience one to remember "

- Kristina

"I fell in love with this amazing woman from the first message. And thank you so much for an amazing life transformation. I can't explain her wonderful experience and caring soul. Thank you soooo much!"

- Jay

"I didn’t really know what to expect before I went but the guidance from Claire, the authentic nature of the Shamans and the feeling of fulfilment I have long after I’ve left the retreat. I couldn’t believe how much clarity, introspection and healing I did over just a few days that I was there. It’s changed the way I look at natural and Amazonian medicine and will also gave me huge focus on what I need in life and my priorities. Everyone should do it. It is money well spent and I’ll be going back a minimum of once a year."

- William

"I knew Claire was the person to take me on my first journeys with Ayahuasca from the moment I heard her voice. From the moment I started asking my million questions. She showed me compassion, patience, and understanding. She helped me understand my experience in a more profound and productive way then I could have understood on my own. Claire is simply a joy to be around and a magnificent teacher. Thank you for your light and your love and your support. "

- Trish

" I am so grateful to Claire for organising the Malaga retreat. It was an amazing experience and I couldn’t have been better supported before, during and after. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit apprehensive in the weeks building up to it. But Claire’s knowledge and experience with the plant alleviated any worries I had, she was able to answer my questions and help me focus on what I wanted to gain from the experience.

And there was so much more to the retreat than drinking ayahuasca...I had the pleasure of sharing the experience with best bunch of people; we had shamanic talks where we learned about their lives and indigenous culture. Connecting with nature was also a huge part of the experience and the Crystal Inn is the perfect place for this, located in the mountains with breath-taking views.… Oh I could rant on about it all day!

If this is something you are considering, I couldn’t recommend Claire enough. She is warm, patient, well organised and with a laugh so infectious it is still making me giggle. I can’t wait to return to one of Claire’s future retreats. "

- Rachel

"Taking Ayahuasca for the first time can be a very scary experience but thankfully Claire was there to introduce me and the whole group with the medicine in the best possible way. She with her stories and suggestions were a big part of my amazing experience with Aya! There was not a single question that she didn't know the answer of and she gave all the love and positivity to everyone, making this a very unforgettable journey.

Claire knows Aya very well and personal so she's definitely the best person to go through the experience with. I'm very happy and thankful that Claire was the person who guided me through the experience, she's just an amazing human being! Also very open and responsive with any questions afterward! "

- Santa

"Claire is a loving and patient guide/coach who is patient and knowledgeable. She took the time before, during, and after the retreat to provide compassionate and attentive coaching. WIth her kindness, warmth, wisdom, and humor, she went above and beyond to ensure I had a great experience that was indeed transformative. Claire's strength and kindness is so special--she is a treasure of a human being and I cannot say enough good things about her skills as a coach.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to explore further the healing power of visionary plant medicine in a shamanic setting. Her respect for this medicine and for her clients' process is deep and authentic. She approaches both with humility and profound awareness in order to facilitate true healing and transformation."

- John

"Claire was absolutely wonderful support from start to finish. There were many first-timers in the group and she made everyone feel completely at ease, answering any questions, and following up regularly after the retreat. This was a truly unforgettable experience and it couldn't have happened without Claire's organisation and positive energy and influence. Thank you so much, I'll be back again!"

- Róisín

"Claire is an Incredible educator and coach. I learned a tremendous amount about the power of healing through connection with the spiritual world and plant medicines. My experience was transformational and incredibly empowering. I absolutely recommend any event or retreat with her, she guides and supports you in all the right ways."

- Carlynn

"I did the 3 night 4 day ayahuasca retreat with Claire. It was an incredible experience. Support wasn't just given during the retreat but was also given before and especially after. I did so much research on different retreats and I picked this one because of the support and it was even better than expected. I had an extremely tough time on one of the nights and Claire stuck by my side for hours and she was constantly checking up on me after the retreat. Such an amazing women who has a passion for ayahuasca. Highly recommend! Thanks again Claire!"


"Claire is super friendly, sweet and genuine. She made me feel comfortable right away. Our coaching sessions were great and very helpful.

I highly recommend this Ayahuasca retreat with Claire. It was very well organized and well thought out. The setting is extraordinary, so sacred and natural. You really feel one with nature when out here. A great getaway from the big city.

It was a deeply healing and beautiful experience. There are a lot of helpers so you almost always have someone there to help you out when you need it.

Claire was always available for me when I needed her not only at the retreat but to talk online as well. Her energy is vibrant and alive. Thank you for such a wonderful experience


- Thao

"For me it was a truly life changing experience to attend one of Claire's events and receive her unconditional support before, during and after it. She's such a kind and knowledgeable person and genuinely interested in each individual human being."


"Claire is a caring, sweet, and fierce leader who is committed to making the world better by sharing the healing power of Mother Ayahuasca with those who are ready to receive it.

Her retreats are a combination of fun and deeply spiritual. If you’re seasoned in plant medicine or a first timer called to do this work, Claire is a wonderful guide into this magical world!"

- Camila

"I have only positive things to say after attending the three day jungle retreat. Taita (AKA TayTay) and his family were extremely accommodating and made us feel at home. Claire was excellent from start to finish , allowing us to be clear and open about what we wanted to get out of the experience, and following up with us well after the retreat was finished. We consider her a friend more than a coach and she made us feel safe and comfortable the whole way through."


"I highly recommend Claire and her retreats! She is a wonderful, caring and talented life coach who organizes really incredible retreats. She makes everyone feel at ease with her friendly personality and positive energy.

The Taitas she works with are highly experienced, with their knowledge of the medicine and ceremonies going way way back to their ancestors. You can feel confident that you will have a really amazing experience with Claire!"

- Alice

"Claire, I really want to thank for the last weekend in the ayahuasca retreat, it was a really special experience. Thank you for your energy and your smile, you have the power to inspire others to be happy.


- Paula

"A life changing experience. I can’t thank Claire, the shaman and the rest of the group and family enough for the entire experience. Off course also a very important thank you and gratitude towards mother ayahuasca. Definitely a medicine for a lot of issues. I am so grateful that this came onto my path at this time in my life, and to have had such great people around me to share it with and guide me through it. I would definitely recommend the retreat to anyone who is open for a change in their life, anyone who is struggling and looking for guidance. Claire, the shaman and his family are the perfect people to guide you through it. Combined with a beautiful place in the Amazon, it is the perfect setting for mother ayahuasca. Thank you!"

-  Eline

"It was wonderful working with Claire who is an extremely passionate, inspiring and spiritual person. Thank you for the perfect weekend and for all your time and energy given. Never stop being you."

- Katie

"Just back from this special retreat up the Colombian mountains... the finca was stunning, the group couldn't have been better and the experience was very special.

Anyone who is feeling lost, depressed or feeling an urge for a complete change in their life should consider contacting Claire for advice and guidance.

Anyone on a spiritual path will most likely know about Ayahuasca plant medicine - it is life-changing!"

- Lia